Thursday, August 12, 2010

Collage 148

I made this collage when Adrienne was with us -- hers is the previous collage. Inevitably each and every session seems to develop a theme as we work so closely together -- physically and energetically. I liked her looseness and painterly-ness. It's also a nod to Lynn who tends towards using lots of figures. Emma brought in a set of wonderful playing cards that I also used in this piece. As well as the old German text that is so fabulous.

I received an email yesterday from a college friend, Christiane Carney Johnson. She gave permission to quote her. Chris was also friends with Lynn, Lulu and Otto as we all went to Grinnell College together. The 4 of us -- Christiane, Lulu, Otto and myself -- all took the survey of Russian literature with professor John Mohan. Just to give context for her comments. He has since died, maybe 10 years ago. He made a huge impression on all of us impressionable undergraduates.

"Well, you did it to me... I am now re-reading War and Peace... after, what, 25 years? In fact you guys have moved me so much, I am reading with total inspiration and wonderful exhilaration as to what I will find in the book. I love comparing your collages to the pages - just picking a random page now and then. Wow - I never read the book like that during college. I do see Mr. Mohan in those pages from time to time..."

It's actually been 27 years since we graduated from college. I will sign this post by the nickname I had back then. In Russian, the letter "R" looks like a "P" in English script. Christiane always called -- and still calls -- me "Lapa" or "Lap" for short. Signing off today -- Lap.

Lola Baltzell
from page 303-304 of original text
collage, acrylic paint
made 7/2/10

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