Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Collage 470

"On the morning of the twenty-fifth, Pierre was driving out of Mozhaisk. Going down the huge, steep, and crooked hill that led out of the town, past the cathedral that stood on the hill to the right, in which a service was going on and the bells were ringing, Pierre got out of the carriage and went on foot. Behind him some mounted regiment was coming down the hill with singers at its head. In the opposite direction came a train of carts with men wounded in yesterday's action. The peasant drivers, shouting at the horses and whipping them with knouts, kept running from one side to the other. The carts with three or four wounded men lying or sitting in them bounced up and down on the stones scattered over the steep ascent in the guise of pavement. The wounded men, bandaged with rags, pale, with compressed lips and frowning brows, clinging to the sides, bounced and jostled in the carts. They all looked at Pierre's white hat and green tailcoat with an almost naïve, childlike curiosity." -p 758 in P/V

I've italicized the sections on this page that I feel relate to this collage. Maps, hills, and "childlike curiosity." The pencil doodle featured here came out of a children's book that seemed to have been adopted as a sketchbook by the child that previously owned it. --Emma

Emma Rhodes
from page 195-196, Volume 2 of original text
made 4/15/11
Pevear/Volokhonsky translation page 756-759

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