Sunday, June 6, 2010

Colage 83

This is where we introduced blue acrylic paint into the project. I remember feeling a little constricted, confined by the palette. We agreed that it was a fine time to start with a new color, and voila! Here you go.

So, what does Tolstoy have to say about free will? In Volume I, Part Three, chapter I, we see Helene and Pierre together. He has just become a count and is suddenly the man of the hour. Everyone wants to be his friend, everyone wants him as their son-in-law, he is a hot marriage prospect. Does he choose? Does he fall in love with Helene?

"And at that moment Pierre felt that Helene not only could, but must be his wife, that it could not be otherwise. He knew it at that moment as certainly as he would have known if standing at the altar with her. How it would be and when, he did not know; he did not even know whether it would be good (he even felt that it was not good for some reason), but he knew that it would be.

I've felt this a few times in my life, but not about people. It happened when I was first introduced to yoga in late 1993. I took my first class, and immediately knew that I would be doing it the rest of my life. -- Lola

Lola Baltzell
page 173-174 of original text
made 4/30/10
collage, acrylic paint

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