Friday, May 7, 2010

Collage 53

Here is one of Lynn's, done on April 2. We had a good day in the studio today -- a fantastic day -- and finished 8 more pieces. We have now completed 99 collages. 650 to go!

Lynn brought in a stack of new source material. A friend of hers is a librarian. She gave Lynn the leftovers of a library sale. I love religious stuff and she found that in spades. Books in Portuguese. Old art books. Fantastic stuff.

We worked mostly in primary colors today, using a lot of the religious material. Lynn also brought in some stencils and thick needles and embroidery thread. I stitched a few of the collages. The choices are endless.

Today in the mail I received Otto's piece. I am tempted to post it but will wait until his turn comes up -- he did #98. It is fantastic -- he used maps in Russian and from Berlin where he lives. It flows right into the sequence. How is this for curious -- I mailed him a page that had a chapter heading so he would know where he was in the book. Coincidentally, the page had a reference to Berlin. He assumed that I selected that page specifically for him. I did not! That was random. Isn't that cool? He also sent along extra materials that we can use in other pieces.

Lynn Waskelis
page 113-114 from original text
made 4/2/10
collage and acrylic paint on paper

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