Sunday, October 31, 2010

Collage 229

We had 2 guest contributors in the studio on 9/17/10: Lori, who was featured yesterday, and Beth who is featured today. They were both in Boston for a reunion. Lynn has known them both since grade school, and Beth went to college with Lynn, Lucy Zahner Montgomery, Otto and me. The degrees of separation in this group are very few! -- Lola

It was delightful- as Beth loves to say- making art with my two old friends. Thank you Beth and Lori for embracing this project! - Lynn

Beth writes:

Happy Halloween! I wonder if there's any hidden meaning in writing about my collage on this day of tricks and treats.

So. My collage. I remember that day so clearly -- how much fun I had doing my first collage with Team Tolstoy. I sort of felt that I should have been called Liz all day, just to fit in as everyone's name seems to begin with an "L". Looking at all the ephemera in the scrap box was a little overwhelming, but then you just had to choose and jump right in! So much laughter and talking, and fun watching Sasha!! I think this part of the book discussed a baby and soldiers marching into war. I remember thinking it was sort of weird to have two such different things going on in only a page or two!!

I remember thinking at the time that I should write down notes - but then I got too involved in cutting and gluing and laughing. I really had so much fun. -Beth

Beth Jorgenson Sherman
from page 465-466 of original text
made 9/17/10

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