Saturday, October 30, 2010

Collage 228

This collage was done by my dear friend Lori last month. She and Beth flew in to Boston for a long-overdue reunion. Lori, Beth and I have been friends since grade school, and Lori and I took art classes together in high school. We can each recite the lyrics of old Stevie Winwood songs because we could listen to lps in art class and there seemed to be only two lps available the entire year.

On this day Lori dove into the project, head-first, with no hesitation. I love what she has done here- inspired by her reading the English translation while at the studio. It was so delightful to be in the studio with Lori and Beth. Another unexpected pleasure.

In this scene (Volume II, Part Two, Chapter VIII), Boris attends a "magnificent" salon at Helene's, the Countess Bezukhov. Is she seducing him?

"Having come on Tuesday evening to Helene's magnificent salon, Boris was not give a clear explanation of why it had been necessary for him to come. There were other guests, the countess spoke little to him, and only as he kissed her hand on taking her leave did she, with a strange absence of a smile, unexpectedly, in a whisper say to him... [in French] 'Come to dine tomorrow... in the evening. You must come... Do come.'

-- Lynn

Lori Gordon Miller
from page 463-464 of original text
made 9/17/10
page 367-368 Pevear/Volokhonsky translation

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