Monday, November 1, 2010

Collage 230

We just received word that Artscope Magazine, a New England regional magazine, will publish a story about our project in the upcoming November/December issue, just in time for our first show. We keep checking their website but as of yesterday the new issue wasn't posted. We will link to it once it's available. So we've all been busy, writing our bios and such because this is about to go quite public!

It's amazing how this project has grown since the beginning. I started it on a whim with just a small head of steam that was quickly spent. It was too daunting and I wasn't particularly inspired. Enter Lynn, then Lucy A and Lucy ZM, a little later Emma, Adrienne and Otto... and our guest artists... now we're rocking.

Working with this incredible group of artist friends, I am so pleased. By everyone's commitment to the project, how far we've come, by the quality of the work, by how close we've gotten as a group, how each of us has stretched and grown. I never would have made a collage of this complexity had I not been working with this team these last 6 months or so. I know that I personally have grown enormously in in terms of my own compositions, use of materials and color. Having Beth and Lori in the studio in mid-September (guest artists featured the last few days) is a great example of the power of this project. I was working mostly from their bit and pieces. And I like the result!

I had slacked off on reading War and Peace but picked it up again on the weekend. I intend to finish it -- maybe reading in pace with the collage progression. Last night I was reading about Natasha's first ball. It is a lovely passage. It is a cool project. Go Team Tolstoy! -- Lola

Lola Baltzell
from page 467-468 of original text
made 9/17/10

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