Saturday, September 18, 2010

Collage 186

I will take liberty here and write, even though this is Lynn's collage. She is away this weekend so I will ghost write for her.

Yesterday was the first working day in our new studio space. We are still in the same building in East Boston. We are now on the same floor as Atlantic Works Gallery where we will show this project in December. I was in meditation a few days ago and had the idea of wrapping the gallery in rusty barbed wire and clipping each collage (we should have about 300 finished by then) to the wire. Our friend Beth Jorgansen suggested that we use roses as well to represent the "peace" aspect.

We had two new guest artists yesterday. Lynn has been friends with Beth Jorgansen and Lori Gordon since grade school. Beth went to college with us (Lucy Zahner Montgomery, Lynn Waskelis and Otto Mayr). They each made two collages yesterday. We were joking about how quiet we were while working -- so concentrated in spite of years of catching up to do. So you will be seeing their work and their comments a few months from now. We were roughly at #230 yesterday.

Speaking of guest artists, a friend in New York City, Suzanne Goodhart, wants to make a collage as well. She wants to use fragments of the Berlin Wall. How cool is that? I will also send a few more to Otto Mayr in Berlin who has been a regular contributor.

This week I will be meeting with a woman who is involved with a project called Violence Transformed. Their group is interested in showing this project as well. Their annual show is in May. Here is a brief description of their mission:

Violence Transformed is an annual series of visual and performing arts events that celebrates the power of art, artists and art-making to confront, challenge and mediate violence in contemporary society. Based in the center and surrounding neighborhoods of Greater Boston and drawing upon the creative energies of artists throughout New England, Violence Transformed documents the ways in which our diverse communities harness art’s potential to effect social change and materially transform our environments.

Team Tolstoy is on the move!

-- Lola

Lynn Waskelis
from page 370-380 of original text
collage, acrylic paint
made 8/6/10

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