Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Collage 176

This piece was made by Lynn and Emma. One of them started it -- felt stuck or uninspired or some kind of block -- so one of them passed it to the other to finish. I left the studio early that day but was told that they had a good time collaborating on it. We are true collaborators!

When once of us finishes a piece, we hold it up to show everyone. Admittedly we are a supportive, not a critical group. We give a small cheer, a thumbs-up, and continue to enjoy the process and each other immensely.

We will be moving to a new studio space on Friday, in the same building. We will be moving in with Chris Chou, one of our earlier contributors. We all are super charged by her work and are looking forward to seeing how it influences the project. -- Lola

Emma Rhodes and Lynn Waskelis
from page 359-360 of original text
collage, acrylic paint
made 7/23/10

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