Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Collage 114

This is my third collage for the project and the first one that I completed in the Team Tolstoy studio. Friday June 4th was my first studio experience and it was fantastic. Working side-by-side with Lynn and Lola opened up so many possibilities and made the process even more enjoyable. Everybody shares materials and ideas and this makes many of the collages complement each other in a really nice way. This one is very similar to my first two collages except for the pieces of purple paper that I found in Laura's scrap paper box. The scrap box is probably one of my favorite resources at the studio because you never know what you will find in there. Up to this point Naples Yellow was my starting point for collages. If I was having doubts about what I was going to do for the collage I would start by painting the background with this color. After three collages with that background it started to feel too safe and over the next few weeks you will see how my work has taken more risks and branched out to new colors. Studio fridays are so wonderful and I feel so happy to have become closer to an old friend and neighbor, Lynn, while also making new friends like Lola. . . all thanks to this project!!

Emma Rhodes
from page 235-236 of original text
collage, acrylic paint, thread
made 6/4/10

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