Friday, April 30, 2010

Collage 46

Today Team Tolstoy was Lynn and I. I had an exhausting work week and welcomed the embrace of the studio more than ever.

Each week there seems to be a color theme, and today we introduced a new color, phthalo blue. Last week I was feeling like I needed something new -- it's interesting how the introduction of even one color element opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

To date we have completed 90 collages. Mark has photographed through about #75. Otto has #98. Emma has her second one outstanding but I can't remember her # -- maybe 76? Just for the record, Otto is not a slacker! It took 10 days for the materials to get to him and he just received them a few days ago. There is plenty of time for return mailing. We have already used a lot of old German text. We welcome new materials from our contributors. Melissa gave us a small stack of Russian ruble currency xeroxes which we have used several times since she introduced them.

We had one mishap today -- can I admit this? We somehow lost a page. No idea what happened to it. It vanished. So we will need to cheat a little and use leftovers from other pages. Artistic license, please! Lulu did a great job last week correlating the Russian art book with the English version. Somehow one of us screwed it up today. Alas.

If we can do on average 7 per week, this will take us 2 more years to complete. That is good news as it is so pleasurable, so delightful to work on this.

Lynn Waskelis
page 99-100 from original text
made 3/26/10
collage and acrylic paint on paper

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