Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Collage 29

This one is mine, following up on Lulu's use of the gold and brown paper in the previous piece. It is so fun to riff off each other -- repeating colors, ways of working with the text and other sources. The more we do the more it looks like a cohesive whole.

Tonight I was at a meeting at a gallery in East Boston where I am a member, Atlantic Works. There is a slot open for a show in December. If the others agree, perhaps our Project can make it's debut there. At this rate we won't have the project completed by that time -- I estimate that we do about 10 pages maximum per week -- but I think that we could show it in stages. -- Lola

Lola Baltzell
page 65-66 from original text
made 3/19/10
collage and acrylic paint on paper

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