Friday, April 16, 2010

Collage 32

This is one of Lynn's. Sometimes it's a little hard to tell whose is whose as we like to try to imitate each other, in an attempt to expand our own artistic vocabulary as well as create some visual continuity.

Today Team Tolstoy convened. We have completed 76 collages to date. My husband Mark is busy photographing #35-76. Lynn and I got there mid-morning, Lulu joined us early afternoon. Everytime we are together, something new and fresh happens. A while ago Lynn brought in some linoleum and cutting tools. For some reason, today I got inspired to make a lino-cut, a new technique for me. Lynn had done some in high school. I showed Lynn my handiwork. She liked what I had done, but then added a few other elements. I have never before used that kind of printing ink -- the piece came out kind of blotchy, but it was energizing to add a new element.

Emma delivered her piece to Lynn earlier this week, and I saw it a few days ago. We love what she has done, and want her back as a guest star! You will see her piece in about 3 weeks as I recall she did # 51. She is on tap to make another one. We may recruit her as a full team member! I will mail page 98 to Otto in Berlin. We are also very excited to see what he will send back.

Lynn Waskelis
page 71-72 from original text
made 3/19/10
collage and acrylic paint on paper

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