Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Collage 231

The text is taken from Bilibin's letter to Prince Andrei, describing the campaign in French, "with French jokes and turns of phrase," but "with an exclusively Russian fearlessness of self-condemnation and self-derision."
Bilibin writes that he has "decidedly gotten the taste for war and have really taken to it." I think he writes this without irony. Though I know people experience this it is so difficult for me to imagine.
Underneath is a headline taken from a crumbling 1935 Boston newspaper, discovered this summer stuffed in our neighbor's eaves while doing house repairs. There is nothing like a headline to grab attention and proclaim meaning!
The leaves garlanding the text are clipped from stained wallpaper stripped from the local historic house in preparation for its 25oth birthday celebration.
The materials used in this collage were in an especially advanced state of decay! I hope it survives.

Lynn Waskelis
from page 469-470 of original text
made 9/17/10

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