Monday, June 7, 2010

Collage 84

"As from the clouds appears the full moon,
All shining, and then again it goes behind the shadowy clouds,
So Hector, at one time appeared among the foremost,
And at another in the rear, commanding; and all with brass
He shone, like to the lightning of aegis-bearing Zeus."

This is a quote taken from Homer's Iliad. Because I had read War and Peace a few years ago, I've chosen to follow Tolstoy back to Homer and read the Iliad for the first time. Like War and Peace, it's long been on my "must read" short-list. Tolstoy compared his novels to Homer's epics, so including the Iliad in the big tent we've pitched seems justified. War and Peace rests on the nightstand for now, but given that we have more than 600 collages to go, I hope to reread it with the Iliad fresh in my mind. -Lynn

Lynn Waskelis
from page 175-176 of original text
made 4/30/10
collage and acrylic paint on paper

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