Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collage 350

I met Valerie for the first time at a juried show at Cambridge Art Association several years ago. I liked one of her pieces so much that I was photographing it, wanting to study what she had done. She walked up to me as I was doing so and we began to talk. We went out after the show with another gallery member and have been friends ever since. We also practice meditation at the same center (I joined after we initially met) AND she worked for a few years at the same hospital where I currently work (I helped her get the job). So we have more than just a few connections. I am a huge fan of hers!

She is on a 3-week writing assignment right now in Uganda and Kenya so it may take her a few days to post a comment about her piece.

Safe journeys, Val! -- Lo

Oh dear! I don't remember what part of the text I was illustrating - I think it was a passage about vapid, voluptuous and immoral Countess Hélène. I was a little reticent to depict her in all her splendid corruptness - though Tolstoy had no such inhibitions. I did slip some boobs in there - and as for all the other images and marks - who knows what I was thinking! I was entranced by the language of W&P - one of my favorite novels. Looking forward to more rounds of TT when I return.

And Lo is a dear friend and fellow creative. I'm on of *her *biggest fans! -- Val

Valerie Spain
from page 707-708 of original text
collage, ink
made 1/28/11
Pevear/Volokhonsky translation pages 563-565

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