Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Collage 8

This one is definitely Lynn's. I love the angel!

A friend, Tim, wrote me an email to say how much he likes this project. He says, "I absolutely love the collage series; they are beautiful and interesting - and based on one of my favorite books. We would really like to someday display some of these in our home, so if/when Team Tolstoy starts to think about this, please let me know."

Thanks Tim!
Team Tolstoy -- I like that!

I went to a gallery reception last Thursday in East Boston where I currently have a show. I chatted for quite a while with one of our guests. We hadn't met before. He liked one of my collage series, and offered to mail me some classical German texts to use in future projects. The book arrived in the mail the other night. I have no idea what it is, but I was thrilled. I think that we all count the days until Friday when we are back together again in the studio. This will be just another wonderful addition to our ever-growing stock of materials. German will definitely come in handy. I love the old script. What a treasure.

My husband Mark suggests that I get a bigger studio to accommodate all this activity. I like that idea! -- Lola

Lynn Waskelis
page 23-24 of original text
made 3/5/10
collage and acrylic paint on paper

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