Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Collage 532

It is my pleasure to introduce Howard. One of our contributors, Joan Ryan (mentioned yesterday, see more of her work here), spent the summer of 2011 in Berlin at an artist residency at Dada Post. We are so happy to be able to include a collage made by Howard McCalebb, founder of Dada Post. We hope that Howard (and all our artists) can attend the opening reception at Yasnaya Polyana next summer. -- Lola

Dada Post was founded in 2008 on the initiative of Howard McCalebb, a sculptor and active figure on the international art scene. It is located in the in the Berlin-Reinickendorf district, in the former K├Ânig Smoked Fish Factory complex. The one hundred year-old business was transformed into exhibition, performance, and studio spaces for artists.

I have a general fascination with Saint Petersburg and the Russian writers.Saint Petersburg, and the homes of the Russian writers, has been for a long time among the places I want to visit in my lifetime.

I admire the way the Russian people and the solders coped with the harsh winters, especially during the fighting of WWII. The Russian winters also come to my mind when I think about Tolstoy sitting and writing those very long novels during those very cold and long winters. -- Howard

Howard McCalebb, Berlin
from page 319-320, volume 2 of original text
collage, ink, watercolor
made 6/13/11
Pevear/Volokhonsky translation page 859-861

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