Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Collage 264

Our second reception will be tomorrow night from 6-9pm. It will be a little more low-key (no Russian musicians, no vodka shots) but we anticipate another huge crowd as we've gotten even more press since the first opening on December 3. Speaking of vodka shots, I don't think we'll offer those again. At the last reception a homeless man wandered in, got very drunk and passed out in the bathroom. We had to call the police as he was out cold and didn't open the door when we knocked. We worried that he wasn't safe and wanted to make sure that nothing happened to him. We don't want THAT kind of press!

Here we are in Volume II, Part Three, Chapter IV. Prince Andrei has asked for an audience with the minister of war, Count Arakcheev. I have picked up on the helicopters that Charlene Liska introduced into the mix a few collages ago. I also used some very old construction paper that Emma brought in. I think she found it in the eves of an old house that was being torn down.

"... as soon as the door opened, all the faces instantly expressed only one thing -- fear. Prince Andrei asked the officer on duty to announce him once more, but he was looked at with mockery and told that his turn would come in due time. After several persons were led into and out of the minister's office by the adjutant, the fearsome door received an officer who had struck Prince Andrei with his humiliated and frightened look. The officer's audience lasted a long time. Suddenly the thunder of an unpleasant voice was heard from behind the door, and the officer emerged, pale, his lips trembling, and. clutching his head, passed through the anteroom. " Next, it was Prince Andrei's turn. The minister of war was contemptuous. His petition is denied. -- Lola

Lola Baltzell
from page 535-536 of original text
made 11/10
collage, acrylic paint
page 425-426 of Pevear/Volokhonsky translation

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