Saturday, April 21, 2012

Collage 746

For months now I've been mulling over what would be a fitting final post for the War and Peace Project blog. The imminent departure of Lola and others for Yasnaya Polyana- where the full-scale exhibit will open in just a few days- is a prompt to get on with it!

Five contributors had a hand in this collage, which started out as a birthday greeting to Lola. Not one of our drop-dead best, but it has it all: five pairs of hands, using materials that spanned the project-old children's book imagery featured early on overlaid with weathered advertisements ripped from neighborhood lampposts which creeped in much later. The project really did get more "punk," as our New School reviewer dubbed it. Loved that.

But the important thing to express is what a GIFT this project has been. Lola set a gift in motion that has remained in motion, and so retained its gift spirit. I received it as a gift and others have too. For that I say thanks- first to Lola and to you all.

Lynn Waskelis
from page 749-750, volume 2 of original text
made 2/3/12
Pevear/Volokhonsky translation page 121-1214

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