Thursday, December 8, 2011

Collage 611

This was my first time back in the studio after our 10 day trip in late August to Russia to visit Yasnaya Polyana. And what a fantastic trip that was! I used electric tram ticket stubs that Trish found on the floor of a metro car. I also used bits of maps that Otto send from Berlin many months ago. Bulgarian. Where did he dig that up? I recall that Picasso said that painting is like keeping a diary. I would expand that to include collage, and even more so. Much of what I use has significant meaning. Although not always. Sometimes it's also fun to use totally random elements. On an upcoming collage, Trish has actually used bits torn out of her old diaries. Stay tuned! -- Lola

Lola Baltzell
from page 477-478, volume 2 of original text
made 9/9/11
Pevear/Volokhonsky translation page 988-990

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